Disc Golf - Pro Pull - Resistance Trainer - MUST HAVE!!!!

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The ProPull is an EXCELLENT resistance training system for improving your disc golf arm speed.  This works both forehand and backhand driving techniques.  WIth three levels of resistance this will provide a great workout for all levels!  
As owners of a ProPull system, we can personally attest to the results you will get with this Training System.  If you have any questions PLEASE MESSAGE US!!!
By grabbing our ProPull Disc exactly as you would on the course as you go through the workouts you will train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your  throwing motion.  ~Pro Pull
"I highly recommend the ProPull as a training aid to systematically improve mechanics and speed" ~Stephen Schroeder, Team Dynamic Disc
  • Custom ProPull Training Disc
  • 5lb Resistance Band
  • 8lb Resistance Band
  • Tree Strap for outside use
  • Door Anchor for inside use
  • Safety Strap
  • 13" X 11" Durable ProPull Bag
  • All connectors